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Oldrich Investment Capital is a project and business advisory company that focus on your growth. We specialize in helping businesses and potential investors link up to obtain the funding for the growth of your projects and businesses.

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Take the first step toward financial empowerment. Schedule a consultation with our experts now and let’s pave the way for your business success. Click ‘Schedule Consultation’ or call the number below to embark on a journey of financial excellence with Oldrich Investment Capital.

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A Reliable Advisory Companion, Making Business Growth a Reality

“Where Vision Meets Capital: Tailored Investment Solutions for Tomorrow’s Leaders”

With us, you will be able to get the necessary funding for your projects by connecting with the right investors who understand your goals and objectives. Together, we can help your project become a success.

“To empower entrepreneurs and investors globally by facilitating strategic connections and providing expert guidance, driving innovation and sustainable growth in every venture.”

Our mission is to provide unparalleled advisory services that bridge the gap between ambitious business owners and discerning investors, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Building Foundations for a Brighter Future

Start-Ups Advisory

Private Equity

Direct Loans

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Project & Business Owner Satisfaction
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Navigating the Path to Business Growth Together

No matter the size of your organization or the scope of your project, we have the resources and expertise to help you make the most of your opportunities and reach your goals.

what we offer ?

Project and Business Advisory Made Easy, Dreams Made Real

Bridging the gap between ambitious minds and the capital they need. We connect qualified business owners and investors through a tailored and intuitive platform, fostering partnerships that ignite growth and fuel innovation.

Bridge Loans

Oldrich Investment Capital provide access to short-term financing solutions to bridge the gap between immediate financial needs and long-term funding arrangements. 

Private Equity

Oldrich Investment Capital will help you unlock growth opportunities and maximize your business’s potential with private equity financing.

Direct Funding

Our direct lending services provide businesses with customized financing solutions tailored to their unique needs

Cross-Border Advisory

We facilitate seamless cross-border investments, mergers, acquisitions, and expansions, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and mitigating risks.

Revolving Credit Line

Our revolving line of credit solutions offer convenient access to funds, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and capitalize on growth.

Escrow Services

We offer peace of mind by safeguarding funds and assets until all conditions are met. Whether facilitating M&A deals, real estate transactions, or other business agreements

how it works

A few Easy Steps within Six Weeks


Initial Consultation

Understand the unique needs and goals of the business owner or entrepreneur seeking funding, and assess the viability of the project or business expansion.


Document Collection

Identify suitable investors or funding sources aligned with the business’s vision, goals, and financial needs, and develop compelling funding proposals.


Evaluation & Approval

Finalize the funding agreement, structure the deal, and conduct due diligence to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance.



Close the funding deal and provide ongoing support to the client to ensure successful implementation of the funding strategy.

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What our Clients say about Oldrich

I couldn't be happier with the direct funding services provided by Oldrich Capital. Their team went above and beyond to secure the best rates for me. The entire process was seamless, and they were always available to answer my questions. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, I am now a proud business owner.

Jhone M. Client

Choosing Oldrich Investment Capital for my Cross-Border Transactions has been the best decision I made. From the moment I reached out, their team was incredibly helpful and guided me through the entire process with patience and professionalism. They have been working tirelessly to find me the perfect manufacturer for my business. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of business advise.

Sarah L. Client

I had a fantastic experience with Oldrich. Their Private Equity specialists were knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive throughout the entire process. They took the time to understand my unique situation and provided me with a range of Private Equity options that were tailored to my needs. Thanks to their expertise, I was able to secure a Private Equity funding for my project.

David R. Client

I am extremely grateful to Oldrich Investment for their exceptional Bridge Loan services. As a Start-up owner, I had many questions and concerns, but their team patiently walked me through the process, ensuring I felt confident every step of the way. They were responsive, reliable, and helped me secure a Bridge Loan that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Oldrich Investment to anyone looking for a hassle-free Bridge Loan experience

Lisa S. Client
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Oldrich Investment Capital specializes in connecting businesses with potential investors for funding. Additionally, we provide comprehensive business advisory services, including strategic planning, market analysis, and risk management.

We conduct thorough due diligence, considering industry focus, investment preferences, and financial capacity. Our goal is to create a strategic alignment between businesses and investors, fostering relationships built on shared values and vision.

We begin with an initial consultation to understand your business and funding needs. Our team then identifies suitable investors through our extensive network. We assist in proposal development, negotiate terms, and guide you through the funding process, ensuring a strategic match between businesses and investors.

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